Quality engineering

  • Agile and DevOps – Agile software development techniques account for >33% of software projects and are soon expected to exceed 50%.
  • When speed and quality is of essence, Agile & DevOps are the only way forward.


  • Time-to-market – Customers need to go to market at the earliest. The demand for rapid product and service delivery at lower costs is on the rise.
  • This challenge is met by a rapid development lifecycle, and providing businesses with best-in-class end-user experience

Tech Utilization

  • Omnichannel delivery of superior UX across multiple channels, devices and platforms
  • Data analytics to leverage Big Data to drive and enhance customer engagement
  • Mobile testing strategy, test lab setup, user experience, test automation, and testing as a service beyond functional testing (performance, security, compatibility, accessibility), network and service virtualization
  • Functional testing, automation, and performance testing of Big Data.
  • Context-aware test work bench.