Products and Services Portfolio

Exclusive Products and Devices

  • A super advanced GPRS/Inmarsat Dual mode Tracking Device (Surelinx 8100C) from Skywave Canada ensures reliable real-time tracking and management of mobile assets such as vehicles, valuable cargo, personnel etc. anywhere in the world
  • Hands-free Wireless Mobile Voice and Video solution based on state-of-art Frontline Ultimate HD device and associated software from Audisoft, Canada. This fully integrated end-to-end HD solution provides an immersive mobile telepresence in operations with a streaming video in various configurations such as Point-to-Point, One-to-Many, Many-to-One and Many-to-Many. It comes with WiFi, 3G/4G, Satellite and Ethernet communication options. Its various application areas include remote area or mobile Video-conferencing, remote maintenance in operations, Tele-diagnosis or TeleMedicine, Inspection or Project Monitoring, Training, Control & Quality Audit etc.
  • Web Based “Video Conferencing” solution from “VideoMost”. This solution is available as an installable product with periodic licensing and also as a service.
  • IceBOX based Secure Private Cloud Solution both as an appliance or service that allows an organization to provide its own cloud storage and sync solution to its employees and collaborating external entities, as desired.

Mobility Management Services

  • BES – Licensing, installation and support on AMC
  • Managed Data Center services for hosting MMS solutions Coming up
  • Call Center for MMS and Mobile devices support

System Integration

  • Providing IT networking solutions and computing devices with their installation on turn-key basis
  • Supply and installation of OFC along with their accessories for office networking on turn-key basis