Project: ADB – Asset Database Workflow System

SCHIFFL needed to augment the existing development staffs. The ADB has already existed, but needed to be developed more for scalability and speed. XSAT extended the existing system, implemented workflow engine, rewrote the android app for the tech agents, warehouse workers and the staging/deployment team. XSAT implemented an automatic tracking and reminder system for returnable items. SCHIFFL gave the original code and XSAT made their assessment where modernization was necessary, both augmented the existing and new code. Project lasted for 5 months, went through 3 stages and 2 additional changes, all completed in time and to full satisfaction. Web-based application based on Symphony and native android app. Mobile apps (Android and iOS ) were developed for this purpose.

Project: Scheduling Server

A university client of SCHIFFL is conducting a scientific experiment with roundabout 400 families, being provided a tablet to measure learning skills and learning speed for young children. They requested that the application’s files and audio files on the tablet must be deployed according to a very rigid weekly schedule and a tight budget. However the tablet wouldn’t be brought out at the same day to the family. In order to automate the transitions of 1 learning week to the next, the scheduling had to registered the devices, assigned stages and schedules, also do the necessary ops within VMWare Workspace One to assign, remove, and progress application file and info delivery, as well as tablet reset at end of the case study.

XSAT designed the scheduling service, created a necessary API, call engine to connect to Workspace One, and provided the requested reporting on progress and historic data, as well as the interface to overwrite the selected schedule for manual adjustment. Web-based application, both are utilizing MySQL. Project was over than 2 months, was very tight timelines wholesalejeans because of the mandatory start date. XSAT delivered in time while sticking to the budget.

Client: System4U

Project : Intune Device Onboarding Tool (IDOT)

S4U rates VERY HIGH enthusiasm of XSAT team and VERY FAST responses and bug fixes. XSAT does a perfect job. We appreciated professional project management and your ability to understand the assignment and to deliver the agreed scope on the deadline. Super-fast response time and bug fixes shall be especially highlighted